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Beau Choice : Leonard Beaumont and co

Here are a few more pictures of some of the things we saw in Sheffield. Again if you are ever in town we highly recommend the Graves Gallery above the Central Library. The building is great and the art collection even more so. The Power of Print exhibition is on until September so try and get a visit in before then, the surrounding galleries also have lots of fantastic art work on show. Please see below!

100_5957100_5956 100_5953 Grinders, 1932 (linocut on paper) smaller 100_5928 100_5927100_5959 100_5937 100_5944 100_5943 100_5941


Bright lights, Steel City: Kelham Island

This weekend we visited Sheffield for a birthday party. We didn’t expect to find so many inspiring places, art and objects all in one visit. Here are some pictures that were taken around the area of Kelham Island, where steel was manufactured up until the late 70s. The industrial landscape was remarkable and truly inspiring, we were blown away by the muted colours and earthy tones in the brickwork. The patterns created by the dilapidated buildings were particularly eye catching. We were left with emotions ranging from excitement to sadness, and also slightly numb toes! If you are ever in Sheffield we recommend a visit to the area.


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