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Wrap it up and start again

Sorry we have been absent on here. We have been thinking about posting instead of just posting about what we were thinking! Anyway, back on track now. We have lots of exciting projects coming up with the brilliant Fanfair and Kitty Farrow. We have been working very hard on The Compartment Store and building up a great list of stockists. Also, we have been very lucky and relocated to a bigger and brighter HQ and we are thinking of opening its doors for a few days in August. We will let you know about that one. There is lots to look forward to! So what has kept us away from here for so long? We have been out and about again and visited the Vitra Haus in Switzerland, well Germany, to be inspired by design and architecture. Luckily, we got to see some textiles from our very favourite Alexander Girard. We wish it could be turned into sheets of wrapping paper! Here a few photos we took before we filled our memory card…again!






Stop, Oh yes, Wait a minute Mister Postman

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Hello there! We have returned from our very exciting trip to Japan and have been overwhelmed with where to start. We have seen so much, stocked up on supplies and have now officially crashed our computer with holiday snaps! It has been a good trip all round! So we thought to get us back on track we would start, quite appropriately, with a few snaps of some pretty post boxes that we saw all over Japan. We will be sharing a few more pictures with you and letting you in on some Gift Wrap HQ news in the coming weeks but we wanted start by writing you a letter and posting it right here! I wish we had post boxes outside our houses in the UK. That would be a great place to hide presents. Enjoy!

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This weekend we took a day trip with the very talented Kitty Farrow! We travelled all the way to North Walsham in Norfolk so we could have the greatest pleasure in meeting Ella Carstairs at her Straw Craft Museum!

We were truly blown away by the variation of straw craft she had in her collection and also the time she took talking to us about all the different methods and places she had visited to learn about straw craft from all over the world. She is a very inspiring woman and we had a long conversation about paper quilling, of course our childhood craft of choice, and somehow trying to get the technique itself put on the national curriculum! “Can you imagine?” was her phrase of choice, from her amazement that a humble piece of straw can become such a  beautiful item, to how long a piece of work had taken her friends to do, to how grateful she was to be able to have her own Museum and people come to visit it. We left feeling extremely inspired and started brainstorming how we could use her craft techniques in our own way. Gift Wrap HQ may be going a little quilling and straw crazy for awhile! Watch this space! In Ella’s words “the possibilities are endless.”

If you ever get a chance to visit Ella in her Museum you will be totally amazed and never look at a straw hat in the same way again!! She is a very unique and inspiring woman and we can’t wait to start decorating our gifts with quilling and straw techniques!!