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Stop, Oh yes, Wait a minute Mister Postman

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Hello there! We have returned from our very exciting trip to Japan and have been overwhelmed with where to start. We have seen so much, stocked up on supplies and have now officially crashed our computer with holiday snaps! It has been a good trip all round! So we thought to get us back on track we would start, quite appropriately, with a few snaps of some pretty post boxes that we saw all over Japan. We will be sharing a few more pictures with you and letting you in on some Gift Wrap HQ news in the coming weeks but we wanted start by writing you a letter and posting it right here! I wish we had post boxes outside our houses in the UK. That would be a great place to hide presents. Enjoy!

post 3

post 4

post 5

post 6post 7



Hello! Just a little post to catch up with everything. We love these pictures. Some details from Kitty Farrow! A project we worked on together for a magazine shoot.









Read all about it

Read all about it

HQ Updates

Today was a busy day at the headquarters. We’ve been preparing for a big event next week, and we’ve also joined Twitter. Better late than never! Take a look at some photos below, then head over to Twitter to follow us for more updates.





Presents from Christmas Past

photo 4

The Perfect Present.


photo 3

photo 2

Thanks to this lovely lady.

Gift Wrap HQ: A guide to wrapping presents

We made this gift wrapping video just in time for Christmas! So if you need a few tips on how to wrap your presents, Gift Wrap HQ style, or if you want to know where we source are lovely materials from please have a look! Remember to click on the links! Here are a few screen shots from the video…

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Link to the video is: