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Party In A Box.

Kitty Farrow Press for Gift Wrap HQ

As we’ve have mentioned before, Gift Wrap HQ has a rather large collection of supplies, prizes and presents hiding in every nook and cranny of the headquarters. Storing and categorising them can sometimes prove challenging, but luckily we love gifting so we rarely run out of space. Despite this, we still sometimes find ourselves knee deep in party ephemera. It can get to be a bit of a problem sometimes. In honour of World Party Day we’ve decided to address our questionable storage methods (seriously, streamers in the doorways, confetti in the carpet, swizzle sticks in pencil pots!) and have created a very special box to keep some of our most favourite finds in. A Party In A Box, if you will!

Kitty Farrow Press is an expert bookbinder and box maker extraordinaire. Gift Wrap HQ has been lucky enough to work with Kitty Farrow before to create some wonderful and imaginative custom made boxes. Previously, Gift Wrap HQ has commissioned gift boxes of all shapes and sizes. One of our favourites is the Nutty Butter Box, ideal for storing your jars of peanut butter. For this project we asked ourself the two eternal questions, why can’t every day be a party, and why can’t everything have its own special box?

You even get to open the box like a present. Clever stuff.

To get us in the party mood Kitty Farrow has created an exclusive storage box for Gift Wrap HQ. We collected all of our party items and stuffed (more accurately, arranged nicely) them into the box, and boy does it feel like a party!

This would make a great gift. Kitty Farrow can make just about anything fit in a box and the best part is, it’s one of a kind and you won’t find another like it! Please contact Gift Wrap HQ if you are interested in having a special custom made box.

A huge thank you to Kitty Farrow Press and Victoria Siddle of Team Victoria for all the great photography. Watch this space for more box making escapades!

Remember, World Party Day is on April 3rd. Go on, any excuse to have a party!


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