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Bags of Fun for World Party Day 2012.

To celebrate World Party Day, Gift Wrap HQ has gathered together a few easy ideas for you to make an exciting party bag for all your guests to take home! You can’t have a party without party bags, it is essential!

Firstly, you will need to do a good scout around your house to find containers that you can adapt. A personal favourite here at Gift Wrap HQ are variety pack cereal boxes and loo rolls. Both of these are perfect sizes to stuff with just the right amount of party favours. You will also want to gather up any papers, stickers or ribbons to customize, aka disguise, your chosen container. Anything goes! Also, think about how you will label each bag. Everyone loves seeing their name on an exciting package so make sure you have some nice pens or letter stickers to hand. Remember, the motto at Gift Wrap HQ is to make it too pretty to open!

Secondly, and perhaps the most fun, make sure you stock up on lots of lovely favours and tokens to fill your bag with. Gift Wrap HQ likes to make each bag personal so we really try and think about who each bag will be for and fill it accordingly. We have a vast collection of potential gifts, everything from trinkets found on our travels to Pound Shop beauties. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth, it just has to be thoughtful!

Lay out all your favours so you can keep in mind who you are making each bag for, leftovers can always double up as prizes! Make sure you give yourself as much space as possible so you can spread out (Gift Wrap HQ rather likes working on the floor). Don’t worry about making a mess – that’s part of the fun.

OK, thirdly you need to really fill the bag with as much as you can. Really stuff them full. You want your guest to feel appreciated for coming to your party by giving them something to remember it by.

Hey presto! You have just created your very own party bags, with your own unique wrapping. Make sure you display them somewhere nicely for all your guests to see. The anticipation of receiving them adds to the party fever!

All photography by Victoria Siddle of Team Victoria.


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